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Classic London Porter with lots of brown, chocolate and crystal malts giving a wonderful rich roasted flavour, complemented with Fuggles and Golding hops from Kent.
Award Winning IPA
Egyptian Goose IPA (OG 1050; ABV 4.8%) A traditional old fashioned, full bodied English IPA. We based it on an old English IPA recipe and use Fuggles and Goldings, but dry hop with US Cluster hops (which were perhaps surprisingly available and used in this country 150 years ago) for a very complex but nicely balanced beer.


Traditional English session beer 

Harrier Bitter (OG 1036; ABV 3.4%) English bitter, tasty and hoppy using mainly Kent Fuggles and Goldings but dry hopped with Cluster from the US which gives it a punchy flavour to counter the light ABV%. It drinks like a stronger beer – a great session ale.

ABV 3.4% Heron Ale

Beautifully smooth, easy drinker
Heron Ale (OG 1038; ABV 3.7%) Traditional English bitter - malty but nicely balanced with plenty of both Fuggles and Golding Hops from Kent.
ABV (3.7%) Mallard Mild
Award Winning
Made for Mild May annually
Mallard Mild (OG 1034; ABV 3.5%) Traditional dark mild, sweeter and malty, brewed in the spring in conjunction with CAMRA’s “Make May Mild Month” campaign.
ABV (3.4%) White Swan
Our signature Ale
White Swan Pale Ale (OG 1042; ABV 4.2%) Hoppy US style pale ale, bursting with Chinook and Columbus hops from Washington State in the US Northwest, to give it a gorgeous citrus flavour Wryneck Rye
Wryneck Rye IPA (OG 1057; ABV 5.6%) Typically spicy Rye IPA, complemented perfectly by Cascade and Nugget hops in the boil, and dry hopped with Chinook for that classic US West Coast Rye IPA flavour. Despite massive hop additions they do not overpower the flavour, due to the spiciness of the rye and the strength of the beer which melds the flavours together beautifully. free gallery lightboxby v6.1

Thames Side Brewery is proud to sponsor the Swan Sanctuary, Shepperton.
Every pint of White Swan sold generates a contribution to the Swan Sanctuary and the beautiful birds it saves.



Welcome to Thames Side Brewery in Staines upon Thames.


We are very passionate about producing quality beer from our brewing vessels situated on the banks of the River Thames.


We use only the finest ingredients, and are pleased to be able to supply local pubs, clubs and events, so supporting our community spirit.


We currently brew four different beers regularly (as well two seasonal specials for the spring/summer, and autumn/winter). Continuing with our riverside theme we named them after birds sharing our river habitat (including one that used to be prevalent in the Thames Valley area, but is now sadly very rare) so we have White Swan Pale Ale, Egyptian Goose IPA, Heron Bitter and Harrier Bitter. Our distinctive pump clips show images of these beautiful birds, as shown above.


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“Wherever beer is brewed, all is well; wherever beer is drunk, life is good" – Czech proverb

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The micro brewing process. Thames Side Brewery, Staines upon Thames ...


The micro brewing process. Thames Side Brewery, Staines upon Thames.

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